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Zublee Foundation initiates various projects to reach all sections of people with the message of Deceased Organ Donation to raise awareness and bring about economic and social change that will benefit individuals, societies or communities as a whole.

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Project Akshan

To provide financial assistance to individuals for cornea transplantation /phacoemulsification and to raise awareness on cornea donation.

Inked for Life

Zublee Foundation in all these years has been exploring various ways to generate awareness among the public on Deceased Organ Donation. This year amidst all other new initiatives, the NGO has planned and conducted a very unique activity to reach out to the public with the message. With the focus on Indian Organ Donation Day which is observed on 27th November, the team of Zublee Foundation (10 members has voluntarily come forward to be a part of the live event called “Inked for Life”. where each one of them got carved with the same tattoo design signifying organ donation. Tattoos or body art have always been significant on its own pertaining to various emotions, situations or memories of an individual. Here, the design was developed by the core team of Zublee Foundation which holds a deep emotional significance to the cause that the NGO has been working for since 2013.

Meaning of the Tattoo –

  • The red ring – Red is a colour that signifies passion or desire and the circle is life which comes a full circle with birth and death in it. Hence , the desire to donate organs after death is represented with the circle.
  • The Leaves – The 9 leaves that mount from the circle are considered to be 9 lives because one organ donor is considered to be capable of saving 9 or more lives through donation.
  • The green ribbon- Symbolic of Organ Donation.
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Zublee Foundation is the first and the only Non-Governmental Organization in the entire North-East Region of India (comprising eight states) working to raise mass awareness and encourage people to support Deceased Organ Donation.

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I extend my appreciation towards Zublee Foundation for carrying out commendable work in the field of Deceased Organ Donation in the entire region. I congratulate you for this initiative which will bring a lot of betterment to the society. The Govt. of Assam is always with you to support and guide you in all your future endeavours. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma

Minister for P.W.D, Health & Finance, Assam


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Activities & Events

29 Nov

Awareness session at Army Institute of Nursing

A fruitful awareness session was conducted at Army Institute […]

27 Nov

Awareness Program at Bodoland University, Kokrajhar

On the Occasion of Indian Organ Donation Day. Zublee […]

26 Nov

Organothon 2019, Edition 3

Zublee Foundation for the third time organized the run […]

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